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Gradually the days flew by, and the cold set in at Mussoorie. Camel’s Back Road was isolated from the rest of Mussoorie and had less of sunshine because of the mountain that cast a shadow in that region.
Shri Nathji thereafter decided to go down to his house at Dehra Dun for the winter. Mateshwari would not at first hear of it but went reluctantly. They had barely begun to live in the house at Dehra Dun in October 1943, when things came to a head in the house as Prem Nath and his wife and in-laws made life impossible for Mateshwari.
One winter night, Mateshwari could bear it no longer, and she ran out of the house screaming in the agony of her torment. Shri Nathji could not restrain her, and very shortly he and Mateshwari and the children had left the house at night, and were on their way to the Bus Stand from where they took the bus to Mussoorie.