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Aftab Rai and his wife invited Shri Nathji to their home. Aftab Rai was a factory owner and had a large house in the city of Lahore. Shri Nathji consented to go at the insistence of Sahadeva. Mateshwari and the two children went with him. The entire Aftab Rai family sat with Shri Nathji in the garden of the house, drinking tea.
A small group of terrified college girls came running into the house and asked for protection. There was a mob of rioters after them.
Thereupon, Aftab Rai hid Shri Nathji, Mateshwari, the children, along with Sahdev Tayal and the college girls gathered there, in a small dark room in the basement of the house, which was meant for storing coal.
Suddenly there was the sound of firing. The mob of rioters had converged upon the house. The chowkidar-gateman was shot dead as also the chauffeur. There was no reasoning with the mob. They caught hold of Aftab Rai and questioned him about the college girls who had come that way.
It was the divine power of Shri Nathji that saved Aftab Rai from being killed that day.
The marauders ransacked the house, breaking open the doors to all the rooms – expect the one door to the little dark room.
It was as if the room had suddenly enlarged itself to accommodate so many people. An Alsatian dog was also inside. Everyone feared he would bark and thus give away the hiding place. But Shri Nathji’s spiritual power was such that it kept the dog from barking.
To make matters worse, the dust in the room made Sahdev Tayal cough violently. Everyone thought the room would be discovered. But strangely enough, though the marauders ransacked every room in the house and broke open all the doors that were locked, the door leading to the small room remained hidden from their sight, as if someone had cast a veil over it.
The marauders left finally, and everyone emerged safe and sound. It was yet another miracle of Shri Nathji. One could recall how Lord Krishna had gone into hiding during the earlier days of his youth when the powers of evil had sought to snuff out his existence.
As the days and weeks went by, Shri Nathji came to the month of March 1947. The children’s school, Hampton Court, had opened in Mussoorie after the winter vacation, and Shri Nathji had his duties towards the children. He had to return to Mussoorie via Delhi where Shri G.P. Bhutt was waiting eagerly for his darshan.