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Shri Nathji frequently went for a walk on the Mall Road and this took him to a Property Dealer, Sanon and Co., situated in the Standard Building on the Mall. The Property Dealer showed Shri Nathji a house on the hill above, directly overlooking the Mall Road. There was a slope leading up to the house from the Mall Road. Shri Nathji climbed up the slope and came to the iron gate of the house. He instantly liked what he saw.
The house was named St. Andrews Estate.
The house appeared to be waiting for the entry of the Lord into it, when it would become His permanent abode upon earth, which would remain as a sacred spot upon earth for ages to come.  The house had dark green windows, and a yellow whitewash on the walls. It had a sixty-foot covered verandah with a long array of windows, which made it ideal for the cold climate of the hills. It was a double storeyed house, which gave the impression of a tall and beautiful British Bungalow. It had been built by the British sometime in 1869.
Shri Nathji brought Mateshwari to the house and showed her the place. The children also came with them and were delighted, as if they were entering their new home. Mateshwari liked the house instantly. On the 2nd of November 1946, an earnest money of Rs.4500 was paid by a cheque on the Bharat Bank, to the estate agent who agreed to hold the house for Shri Nathji till the final payment was made. The estate agent was ever to tell Shri Nathji afterwards that he had sold the best house in the whole of Mussoorie to him. Those were the days when the British were leaving India and many Muslims too had left with the creation of Pakistan. The values of properties had fallen to an all time low in Mussoorie, and large houses were being sold at throwaway prices. The estate agent knew that Shri Nathji was too gentle and too innocent a person to bargain and would pay any amount that was asked. The price agreed upon was Rs.45,000.
Shri Nathji wrote a letter in November 1946 to his loyal devotee Sahadev Tayal telling him of the intended purchase, and specially noting down: 
You will be glad to know that we have finally found a place in Mussoorie which we have decided to purchase. An earnest money of Rs.4500 has already been paid. The full price is Rs. 45,000.  The house was found suddenly in an unexpected area of Mussoorie, of which we had not even a clue earlier. The place is suitable from all points of view and is just what we had been looking for. In this lies the fulfillment of your long desired wish and indeed that of the other devotees and well-wishers. We will be given possession of the house in the first week of November 1947 after the full payment has been made.
The house had been sold by the original British owner to a certain Colonel Dina Nath, who had later sold it to Raja Jagdish Prasad of Pilibhit.
Shri Nathji was to be the new occupant of the house. The earnest money was paid by Mateshwari, using her name of Savitri Devi, who then became the new owner of St. Andrews. Mateshwari was very anxious that no property be purchased in the name of Shri Nathji, as this would inevitably lead people to exploit him. In particular Mateshwari was afraid that Prem Nath and his relatives might come up to the new house as well and seek to ensconce themselves there like they had done at Dehra Dun.
She had hardened her attitude towards Prem Nath, and in later years did not allow him into the new house she had purchased.