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A mahatma must remember always that when people come to him they are coming to that Divine Light which is appearing through him. The multitudes are not coming to him for his own sake. God is like a power-house, which contains the divine current. The mahatma is like a bulb. The current enters the bulb and fills it with light.
“As a consequence, numerous moths and insects gather around the bulb in admiration. The bulb is filled with pride and thinks it has become great and that the insects and moths are worshipping it.
“But there comes a time when the current stops and the light goes off. All the insects and moths leave. The bulb realises then that they were not coming for its sake but for the sake of the light. A mahatma must remember that all worship must go to God alone.
Shri Nathji would often say about spiritual conferences and meetings where people tried to impress oneness and unity upon the listeners: Ye log ek dil ko naheen badal sakte. These people cannot change even one heart!
Shri Nathji would also say:

Jis aadmi ke dil par uss Reality kaa asar naheen hai, uski aavaaz men kabhi asar naheen ho saktaa!

“A man whose heart is not touched by that Reality can have no power in his words!
Through purity and silence comes the word of power!