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“It is only when man has annihilated his own will or his own ego that he can see God within Himself.
“What is ego? It is man saying:  ‘I can do this, I can do that, I have done this, I have done that!’ The ego is the ‘I’ of man asserting itself in all his thoughts, words and actions.
“When man gives up his own will and surrenders himself before the Will of God, then the Will of God guides his thoughts, words and actions, and he lives fearlessly and happily in the world. This is so because there is no mistake in the Will of God. The heart of man becomes purified. And ultimately when he hears a voice from within him saying: ‘I am God’ it is not his own voice, but rather the voice of God. As it had been said by Jesus Christ: ‘Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.’
There was a mahatma, a holy man, who said: ‘Everything in the world is going in accordance with my will!’ When he was asked how such a thing was possible and whether he was not being simply egoistic, he replied:  ‘No, I am not being egoistic. I have given up my will altogether. I have accepted the Will of God which is prevailing everywhere and at all times. Now that the Will of God has become my will, everything in the world is going in accordance with my wishes!’
“The absence of contradiction in the present is peace of mind. And all contradiction ceases when you accept everything that comes as the Will of God and surrender before it willingly.
“What has come before you has come either in accordance with the Will of God, or it has come against His Will. If it has come in accordance with the Will of God, then you have only to surrender before it, knowing that God must have sent it for your betterment. And if it has come against the Will of God, then you have nothing to fear, because God is on your side, and no one is more powerful than God.”