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While at Shadi Bhavan, Mussoorie, Shri Nathji was requested to make the presidential speech at an annual function of the Muslims at the City Town Hall.
His words flooded the hearts of all present with a spiritual light. The effect was devastating. The people cheered tumultuously. Shri Nathji had entered their hearts. After the speech, Shri Nathji had to go to his home. The hosts, who had invited him to the function, procured a rickshaw for him.
Where are the coolies who are going to pull the rickshaw? Shri Nathji asked.
No coolies will pull this rickshaw, Sir, said his hosts, we are going to pull it ourselves.
Despite Shri Nathji’s protests, five of his hosts pulled the rickshaw all the way to his house Shadi Bhavan at Camels’ Back Road.
When Shri Nathji thanked them, they said: it was not we who pulled your rickshaw–it was our hearts.
“Ye ham naheen aapki rickshaw khench rahe. Hamaaraa dil khench rahaa hai!”
Such was the great love that the Muslims of Mussoorie had for Shri Nathji.