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There is this vast ocean of existence around us. The waves, ripples and bubbles that appear in the ocean are all part of the ocean. Though the waves, ripples and bubbles may appear to be separate and independent, they cannot, in fact, exist without water, which is the essence of the ocean itself.
They appear and disappear in the ocean, they are born and they die there, yet they are neither born nor do they die, they arise from the ocean and they mingle again into the ocean.
The world around us and all the beings in it are like the waves and ripples and bubbles. They exist in the Ocean of Existence known as Brahm or God. They are born in Him and they die in Him. They are nothing but Brahm appearing in all these forms of the world. It is in fact God appearing before us in the form of the world itself.
There is no world separate from God, it exists within Him, or rather it is HE, Himself, appearing in the form of the world, and everything that exists in it.
To reach Him is merely to realise that He is all around us all the time, in the form of His world and everything in it.
And when this realisation comes to man he becomes a Brahmgyaani–one who knows God and becomes one with Him.
This is like the wave finding out that it is nothing but water, or the bubbles and ripples discovering that they are nothing but water. It is in this discovery that realisation lies.
When man realises this and becomes a Brahmgyaani, he then sees the world around him and everything that happens therein as a play or a drama in which he is fulfilling the part ordained for him.
He does his works in life as fully and perfectly as an actor would act out his part on the stage, while mentally he is neither attached to, nor affected by any actions or relationships, which are a part of the play.