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Shri Nathji would say time and again:
Nature has written upon everything its price. And the price is zero!  Look at the earth; it is round, like a zero. Look at the sky, the moon, the stars, all are round in shape. They all have the shape of a zero. Look at the tiniest of atoms, it is round. Look at a straight line, it is made up of innumerable small dots – tiny circles – all zeroes. And, then, look at the pupil of the eye. It is round, again like a zero. And the entire universe is seen inside this pupil. A zero appearing within a zero! This is the price Nature has placed upon everything!”
Shri Nathji would quote the Vedas that said:

Neh-na naasti kinchen

All that exists before us is nothing.

Ishaavaasyamidam Sarvam

There is but One Reality, and He is God.”

Shri Nathji would also say in Persian:s

“Bachashme aashikaan ghair az khudaa hech
Zameeno aatisho aabo havaa hech!

In the eyes of the lovers of God, all is nothing!
The earth, the sky, the waters, the air – all are nothing!