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As soon as the Kasera brothers learnt of Shri Nathji’s presence in Delhi in March-April 1947, they came to him and fell at his feet and begged him to grace the city of Hathras, if only for a day or two.
Bhutt was at first reluctant to advise such a trip outside Delhi in the disturbed atmosphere, but when he found that Shri Nathji wished it, he gave up his own wish, and instead, asked his son Jagdish and his friend, Rajjan, to accompany Shri Nathji to Hathras. Bhutt arranged for a large car from a friend of his, and in the first week of April 1947 Shri Nathji went to Hathras.
And it was thus that Shri Nathji entered into Hathras again, and finally came to the home of the Kasera brothers, which was a stately double-storeyed building in the area known as Basaayat Khaana, at Moti Bazaar. At the house there were Shyam Lal Kasera and his brothers, Ganni Lal and Gopal, who welcomed Shri Nathji.
Shyam Lal had been the one closest to Shri Nathji and it had been his sincere prayer that had brought Shri Nathji to Hathras.
He dutifully wrote letters to his Master whenever he was living with his brothers. In these letters he detailed the various financial difficulties and business woes of the Kasera brothers, calling upon Shri Nathji to save them and referring to them along with himself as “sinners”.  He would end his letters with the word “kinkar”, calling himself a small particle of dust.
The Kasera brothers always sang Shri Nathji’s Urdu Verses:

Tere dar se maangane vaalaa naheen khaali gayaa
Toone har muflis kaa daaman motiyon se bhar diyaa

No one who came to thy door was ever sent away empty,
Thou didst fill the bowl of every beggar with pearls

Fakeeron kaa kaasaa na jab tak bharegaa
Tere dar pe har vakt pheri rahegi

Until the bowls of the Fakeers be filled, O Lord,
They shall keep on returning to Thy door