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No sooner had they reached their destination than the powers of evil made a last, desperate bid. The Tonga became suddenly unhitched from the horse, and fell backwards in a dangerous tilt.
Mateshwari almost fell off the Tonga even as the back side of the carriage hit the ground. However she was saved by the divine power of Shri Nathji. Had she fallen off the seat she would have been seriously injured. It was apparent that some evil force was after Shri Nathji and Mateshwari that night, but that it was being thwarted by Shri Nathji ever time it did its worst. Albeit they reached the city of Roorkee, safe and sound, from where arrangements were made to go to Mussoorie.
1947 was an inauspicious year for India as well as for Shri Nathji. The powers of evil were making repeated attempts on his life, the first of which was the mob attack at the house of Aftab Rai at Lahore and the second, the car accident.
Shri Nathji’s verse was ringing out in the midst of the Machiavellian designs of the powers of evil:

Noore Khudaa hai kufran ki harkat pe khandaazan
Phoonkon se ye chiraag bujhaayaa naa jaayegaa

The Glory of God smiles at the designs of Evil,
This flame will not be blown out by its puffs.