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Real happiness, real peace, lies only in God – Rama
Aaraam khud kaih rahaa hai “Aa-Rama!”

Peace, itself, is calling out
“Come, O Lord!”

It is, therefore, absolutely necessary for man to attain God in the duration of this short life before him.
The proof of the Existence of God lies in the instinctive desire in man for Everlasting Happiness – Parmaananad – a desire that cannot find fulfilment in the objects of the world. Therefore it is necessary that He must exist. There is no desire in the world that has no object for its fulfilment. The object for the fulfilment of the desire for Parmanand in man is God.
God gives a proof of His existence in two ways. Either he fulfils the impossible tasks in a man’s life, or else he dashes to pieces the well-planned designs of man.

Dil kee aankh kee zaroorat hai.

And even as the sun can be seen only with the light of the sun, in a like manner God can be seen only with God.
Teevr ichhaa aur uski praapti ek hee vastu hai

Intense desire and its fulfilment are one and the same.

In intense desire there is only one’s goal before a person, and nothing else. The lover remains absorbed in the thought of his Beloved and the world ceases to exist for him. And in this absorption he begins to see Him for whom he had been born upon earth.
Note:  The above recording on side one was a prelude to the main theme that Shri Nathji recorded in the remaining three sides of the records. While side one contained the theme above, sides two, three and four contained the fascinating story of the mysterious Dyer of Clothes–the Rangrez. In this short story that captured the hearts of the young and the old, Shri Nathji explained one of the greatest truths of spiritual life in a way in which it had never been explained before.