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Shri Nathji used to recount the death of Akbar’s mother. Akbar was a great Emperor whose word was the law of the land. He was fairly old himself when his mother died, but he could not control his grief, and burst out into tears. When his courtiers tried to console him, reminding him of his great status he said:
“Yes, I have tears in my eyes today at the passing away of my mother. There are many today who will call me Jahaan Panaah and Baadshaah Salaamat– but there shall no one now to chide me with words like: ‘Akbar why haven’t you eaten today! Akbar why aren’t you dressed properly!’”
Shri Nathji made spiritual truths so full of emotion and love that they brought tears into the eyes of his listeners. Far from preaching detachment from one’s worldly relationships Shri Nathji effused greater love into them. Everything that Shri Nathji did or said had an outpouring of Love in it, which was so universal that it had to be Divine. Shri Nathji had often said:
“You can doubt the existence of God but you cannot doubt the existence of Love. And Love is God.”