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Shri Nathji had remained constantly in touch by letter with Justice Nanavati who was living in Bombay in retirement. His full name was Enoch Nanavati and he was a Parsee by faith.
Justice Nanavati had met Shri Nathji at Calcutta and then at Lucknow, and had travelled to Mussoorie for his darshan and blessings. In 1936, Nanavati had even had the darshan of Shri Babaji Maharaj at Dilaram Estate when he was staying there with Shri Nathji. 
Nanavati had presented a pair of ear-rings to Shri Nathji at the time of his marriage in 1939, and said that the marriage was predicted in their holy books. He had also said: “Please give these ear-rings to the Divine Mother. When she wears them and you look upon them, they will remind you of me and I shall receive your blessings.”
Shri Nathji’s relationship with Justice Nanavati had continued over the years. Justice Nanavati, being much older in age than Shri Nathji, had the fondness and affection of an old man for a younger person, and corresponded with him over the years, narrating his troubles and asking for Shri Nathji’s blessings, while at the same time being ever concerned for Shri Nathji’s welfare.
He would write to Shri Nathji sometimes like a devotee and sometimes like a well-wisher and friend. He had intense faith in Shri Nathji and Shri Babaji Maharaj and had been deeply shocked when Shri Babaji Maharaj had left the physical world on the 13th of December 1940. However, he was content in the thought that Shri Nathji was carrying his light to the world.
When Shri Nathji was ill at Lucknow in 1943 and had great pain in his right arm, he had written to Nanavati from there like he would write to a sincere well-wisher and friend, telling him: “The pain in my right arm is so great that I could not write this letter to you with my own hands, and am therefore having to dictate it. However I shall be all right with your good wishes.”
When Justice Nanavati learnt that Shri Nathji was at Bombay, his happiness knew no bounds. He rushed to Shri Nathji’s residence and offered his obeisances. He also invited Shri Nathji to come to his house at Bombay. Shri Nathji readily agreed and went there.
Justice Nanavati and his family gave a memorable welcome to Shri Nathji in Parsee style, decorating his home with paper leaves and little fish figurettes. It was a welcome, which Shri Nathji recollected for years afterwards and recalled in his sermons.
Justice Nanavati became very ill during the time that Shri Nathji was at Bombay, and was admitted to a Hospital. His condition had become very serious. Shri Nathji discovered that Nanavati was very ill and in hospital. Justice Nanavati had great faith in Shri Nathji, and had always sought his blessings in life.
Shri Nathji Immediately went to the hospital to enquire after him and to give him his blessings. There was a plate outside Nanavati’s room in the hospital, which said: No visitors allowed. Shri Nathji had brought flowers with himself for his beloved devotee and he asked the nurse to take them inside along with a handwritten note carrying his blessings.
Shri Nathji told the nurse he was content with sending the flowers to Nanavati and he would leave if visitors were not allowed within.
However, the moment Justice Nanavati saw the note and received the flowers, he lit up with great joy. It was as if heaven had come down upon earth for him. Ignoring the orders of the doctor, Nanavati called Shri Nathji inside immediately.
He had tears in his eyes as he saw Shri Nathji. He was in acute physical suffering. He made an effort to rise from his bed to touch Shri Nathji’s feet, but Shri Nathji restrained him.
Justice Nanavati, Shri Nathji said, would you want me to pray for your recovery?
No, said the sick man, in this suffering, I have begun to see the suffering of the world. I pray you to pray for the suffering of the world.
Shri Nathji said:
Justice Nanavati, the prayers of a single man for the whole world may or may not be heard. But your gesture is magnificent. In your misery you have seen the misery of the world. Look – Nanavati – the whole world prays for you. Surely such a collective prayer cannot go unheard.
A few days later, there was a knock on Shri Nathji’s door at Bombay. Shri Nathji opened the door. It was Justice Nanavati. He had risen from his sick-bed by a miracle. When doctors had given up all hope, it was Shri Nathji’s miracle that had cured a man who had been virtually declared dead.
Justice Nanavati, Shri Nathji said, It appears that God heard the prayer of the world for you.
He who sees the sufferings of the world as his own and wishes for their removal, is granted salvation from his own suffer­ings by God, continued Shri Nathji.
Justice Nanavati had come up to Shri Nathji’s flat, which was on the third floor of Mayfair Building at Churchgate, Bombay.
Why did you take the trouble? said Shri Nathji, it was a long climb.
It was no trouble, said Justice Nanavati,
I came in two lifts – the one you had provided me with, as well as the lift in this building. It was my duty to pay my homage to you, and to thank you for your kindness.