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Shri Nathji would always say that one of the greatest episodes of the Ramayana was that of Kewat and Lord Rama. Kewat was a poor boatman and Rama wished to cross the river in his boat. He offered Kewat his fees. However Kewat had recognised Lord Rama to be God in human form. And he said to Lord Rama:

Paihle charan pakhaar loon paachhe karoon savaar
Utaraayi kachhu loongaa naheen utaaroon parli paar
Too mujhe bhav saagar se taar
Let me touch Thy feet first, and take Thee aboard the boat later,
I shall take no fees from Thee, but take Thee across the river –
But take me Thou across the Ocean of Life and Death!

“Kewat wanted no money from Lord Rama for ferrying him across the river. He wanted Lord Rama to take him across the bhav saagar – the ocean of life and death in return. In other words, he desired Salvation at the hands of the Lord. Herein lay the greatest secret of Prabhu Sewa. Those who served the Lord in human form would receive salvation.”
Shri Nathji would also say: