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“Life is a service – sewaa. You serve your body the entire day from morning till night, you wash it, clothe it, feed it, preserve it. You serve your family and you serve your office all your life. There is a reward for every service.
“If you give water to a tree, it shall give you fruit in return. If you give grass to a cow it shall give you milk in return. It is a law of Nature that whenever you serve anyone or anything you receive a reward for your services.
“If you serve God, will He not give you a salary for your services? That was the salary that Kewat wanted from Lord Rama.

Manushya mazdoori deth hai,
Kyon raakhe Bhagwan

When man pays for services rendered
Why would God not recompense?

“People searched for government jobs, they searched for private jobs, all of which came only with an effort. Only those who were very lucky could get a chance to serve the Lord. It was like a lottery, which was not the lot of everyone. Prabhu Sewa was too great a boon to be given to all and sundry. Only specially prepared souls were to be the recipients of such a boon.”