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Shri Nathji travelled all the way to Mussoorie in his new car in the last week of April 1948. The Grand Trunk Road was blessed by him even as the wheels of his new car ran over it.
There was the winding road of the hills as the car went up to Mussoorie from Dehra Dun. Shri Nathji could see his new home, St. Andrews, which had a bright yellow colour, from the hill road even as the car came closer and closer to Mussoorie.
St. Andrews had been looked after by a chowkidar by the name of Nathu Singh. Shri Nathji patted him on his back when he came to the house. The house appeared to be waiting for Shri Nathji’s arrival. It was not a mere house, it was now the living Temple of God in which Shri Nathji and Mateshwari lived.
The first thing that Shri Nathji and Mateshwari did after arriving in Mussoorie was to take the children to Hampton Court School.
There, in the waiting room of the Mother Superior, Mother St. Clare, Shri Nathji wrote his name on the white slate again and waited for the Mother. She came and Shri Nathji greeted her with great warmth and affection. Mother St. Clare had been very vexed that once again the children were joining classes late. However, the moment she came before Shri Nathji, her anger disappeared and she sympathised with the boys.
Having accomplished the most urgent of their tasks, Shri Nathji and Mateshwari settled down to life at St. Andrews. They had barely had time to live in it ever since they purchased it in November 1947.  They had lived in it for the month of November 1947 and then left for Delhi in December 1947. Now they were at the house again in April 1948 ready to live in it for one full school year till the boys’ school closed on the 15th of November 1948.