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It was just as well that Shri Nathji had purchased St. Andrews on the Mall, even though he had yet to take possession of it on November 2, 1947, as stated in the sale agreement.
No sooner had the month of November set in, when Shri Nathji received a legal notice from an advocate asking Shri Nathji to vacate Kahkashan latest by December 29, 1947.
The advocate stated that the man who had rented the house to Shri Nathji, i.e. Mr. R.H. Jani, was not the owner of the house and that he had no legal right to rent the Upper Flat of Kahkashan where Shri Nathji was staying. The real owner was a certain Seth Ram Narain and he wanted the house vacated. He had served a notice on Mr. Jani as well. By a strange coincidence, the advocate that served the notice on Shri Nathji was the same as the one who had served a notice on Shri Nathji at Shadi Bhavan purportedly on behalf of its owner asking for arrears in rent after Shri Nathji had left Shadi Bhavan in June 1947. It was in such a world of sharks that Shri Nathji lived and interacted with people.