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“It is a natural law that until an object attains its goal it can never stop in the way. A drop of water can never cease its wandering until it has met the ocean. It flies away as vapour from the petal of a rose, it rises into the skies and falls upon mountains and rocks, it flows down in rivers and streams, and it does all this only to reach the ocean, not to stop on the way. These difficult paths are necessary if it must reach its goal.
In a like manner it is necessary for man to pass through the world in order to reach God. And when he thinks of the world as a means for him to reach his goal, he does not allow his heart to be bound by anything in it; rather he uses everything there to increase his devotion and love, and to march on resolutely towards his goal.
Firstly, he looks upon the world and thinks of its Creator. Secondly, he looks upon the dreadful face of the world and seeks help from Him. Thirdly, he thanks God for any happiness that he may find in the world. And in this way he transforms his life into a constant remembrance of God, which remains with him along each and every step that he takes in the world.

Ik dam bhee dil se door na hone de too use
Jo iss jahaan men teraa sahaaraa safar men hai

Separate him not from thy heart for even a single breath,
He who is thy refuge in this journey of life.

The time of life is very short. That which is past is gone; that which has not come is not with us; and that which is before us is slipping by rapidly into the past. Man lives in the present, which goes no sooner than it comes.
In the short time of life before him, man must always remember his goal. What a tragedy it will be if the time of life slips by and man does not reach his destination.

Aayaa hai too Jahaan men misaale sharaar dekh
Dam de na jaaye hastiye naapaayedaar dekh

Thou hast come into this world like a flash of lightning
Beware lest transient life deceive thee!