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Though Shri Nathji lived in such close proximity to Rajas and Maharajas he never asked them to serve him in any way. He would accept the devotional offerings of close devotees, like Bhutt and the Kasera brothers, but was too proud to ask the rich and the wealthy for anything.
Maharaja Sarila once said to Mateshwari:
“Mataji, ham log to goli se maar dene laayak hain! Mataji, we people deserve to be shot!
Our money is wasted in idle pursuits like clubs, horse racing and trips abroad, but not a single penny is accepted by Shri Nathji for his divine work!”
Shri Nathji said:
“I accept the services – sewa- of only those to whom I must give something in return. The rich already have enough. I have to make the poor rich. I must accept their sewa, so that I can give them a divine salary for it, a salary which will endure in this world as well as in the world to come.
“Lord Krishna accepted the rice of his poor friend, Sudama, only so that he could give him a castle of gold in return. He accepted the torn piece of Draupadi’s saree only so that he may give her numerous sarees when she was in need.
“Not everyone in the world can be given a chance to serve God. If I create a need it is only to fulfil the need of the person who is given a chance to serve me.
“If Lord Rama was in need of sewa, he would have converted the richest king of the time, Ravana, into his devotee. However he made a foe out of Ravana and took sewa from poor people, like Kewat, Bhilni, Jataayiyu, Sugreeva, Hanumana etc.
“Someone once said to me that he often doubted whether Lord Rama was an avatar or not, especially when he saw His helplessness in contrast to the strength of Hanuman. Lord Rama had to build a bridge to cross the ocean, while Hanuman crossed it in a single leap.
“I asked him: ‘How did Hanuman cross the ocean? Did he do it with his own strength? No. He said ‘Jai Shri Rama’ and was filled with a miraculous power that made him leap over the ocean.
“Therefore if the name of Rama carried so much strength you can imagine how much strength Rama must have had Himself.
“The reason he did not use it, and, instead, crossed the ocean by having a bridge made, was because he wished to give this sacred service to those selected souls who built the bridge for him. They would otherwise never have had the chance of serving Lord Rama. It was in exchange for the service they rendered him that they received Divine Grace that gave them salvation.”