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Lala Hargopal had left Bombay to attend to his office at New Delhi by the second week of January 1948. He wrote to Shri Nathji after reaching Delhi, where the weather was very cold. Shri Nathji in his reply to him expressed great concern at Lala Hargopal catching a cold and asked him to take care of himself. Shri Nathji would always write like an affectionate son to Lala Hargopal.
Shri Nathji did not ignore his family life while catering to the masses who came to him. He met all the relatives of Mateshwari who were in Bombay at that time and received them with great cordiality as a host.
Mateshwari’s elder sister, Veeran Devi, was in Delhi, but her daughter, Kamla and her husband Trilok Nath, were in Bombay. They came for Shri Nathji’s darshan along with their children. Shri Nathji met them in a purely worldly way, enquiring after their work, the children’s education and their welfare, etc.
Mateshwari also had another elder sister, Vidyawati, who lived in Simla, and who also regarded Shri Nathji as God upon earth. She always presented a new achkan to Shri Nathji on all his birthdays. There was a time when someone had said to Vidyawati: “How nice it would have been if a Minister of the Government were our relative!” And she had replied: “But we are fortunate in having him, who has made the Ministers, as our relative – Shri Nathji!”
Her son, Kewal, lived in Bombay, and had a deep reverence for Shri Nathji, and regarded him as God Incarnate. Although Kewal was flippant and irresponsible in many ways towards his family, the moment he came before Shri Nathji something happened to him. All his restlessness disappeared and he felt absolutely at peace within. He would sit before Shri Nathji and listen to every word that Shri Nathji said with great absorption. He lived in a very small one-roomed flat, and Shri Nathji went to his place and blessed him there. It was a gesture that Kewal never forgot. Kewal was aspiring to become a film star in Bombay and with Shri Nathji’s blessings he was successful for a while. In later years, he was able to find a wife who was a Ph.D, even though he himself was relatively uneducated. Shri Nathji met every person in accordance with the belief he held in him. To some of his relatives he was just a relative and to others he was a relative as well as God.