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Shri Nathji took Mateshwari and the children to the Gateway of India where they stood by the side of the ocean, which was sending its surging waves towards the stone walls of the monument. Shri Nathji had stood by the side of the ocean and asked:
“O Ocean! Who is bigger thou or me?”
And then he had answered the question himself, saying:
“I am bigger, because you are bounded by shores whereas I see no shores within me!”
Shri Nathji also looked at the massive Taj Mahal Hotel there. Shri Nathji had stayed at the Green Hotel close by, when he had come to Bombay in 1936 with the Britisher Hasellwright. As Shri Nathji thought of the days gone by, his blessings went out towards Hasellwright in London
Whenever Shri Nathji even vaguely recollected any person, his blessings went out spontaneously towards that man.
Here was Shri Nathji walking around like a tourist viewing the sights of Bombay. He was dressed in his dark achkan, white chooridars, and the golden orange turban of silk. That, plus his well-polished black shoes, made everyone think that he was a King. Once again, there was that long line of stares even as the seething humanity around him peered anxiously at him.