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Many years later, in 1997, a milkman who supplied milk to the residents of Mayfair Building was to recall: “There used to be a person called Shri Nathji who lived on the third floor of this building about fifty years ago. He had a wife and two children. Whenever he met me he was overflowing with love. I felt as if he loved me as much as he loved his own children. The moment I came before him I felt myself filled with great love and happiness. All my worries disappeared. I can never forget him. He was beautiful beyond compare, and his face glowed with a heavenly light which was the light of God. People regarded him as Saakshaat Bhagwan, God Incarnate. There can be no doubt about his being God. Many a time when I am in any difficulty in life I pray to him and my troubles are removed. He listens to our prayers even now. I can never forget his love for me and indeed for anyone, rich or poor. He would embrace the poor as if they were his own children. There can be no one else like him in the world.”