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The chowkidar, watchman, of Kasmanda Lodge, Moosa Singh, found himself with tears in his eyes every time Shri Nathji embraced him. He was surprised that Shri Nathji would embrace him as well as his master even when they happened to be together. It was as if the rich and the poor were alike to Shri Nathji.
One day he came before Shri Nathji and said with great feeling:
“Maharaj! I can raise my hand towards the sun and swear that you are God! Who in the world will embrace us poor except you?

“Main sooraj ki taraf haath uthhaakar kaih saktaa hoon ke aap hee Bhagwan hain! Ham gareebon ko kaun gale lagaataa hai!”

Once when Shri Nathji met him on the Mall Road and paced his hand upon his back and asked him: “How are you today? Aapkaa kyaa haal hai?”

He replied:
“Maharaj, you are asking me how I am after placing your hand on my back? How can I not be all right now!

“Maharaj! Peeth par haath rakh kar poochhte hain kyaa haal hai? Ab to buraa ho hee naheen saktaa!”

Once in Delhi, when Raja Dinesh Pratap Singh was listening to Shri Nathji, and had been sitting in one position for a long time, his foot became numb, and he could not get up for a while. Shri Nathji’s attraction is so great that my body refuses to leave, he said. He had come to Shri Nathji in 1976 praying that he be given a ticket to run for the elections by a certain political party. No miracle occurred, however, and he was not granted his prayer. For a while, he was dismayed that Shri Nathji had not heard his prayer. But the reason soon became clear. The particular political party lost heavily in the elections. Had the Raja been running on their ticket he would have lost, too!
The three generations of the Kasmanda family carried with them a legacy of faith in Shri Nathji, exemplified beautifully in the letter of Shri Diwakar Prakash Singh, who had written in 1937:

Our revered Bhola Nathji has to deal with ever so many raw human beings around him. I am one of them, if I may be permitted to most humbly say so. The privilege I got of being able to be at the feet of Shri Maharaj this year at Mussoorie brought me into contact with him. Of course, every single individual receives his attention and blessing. I used to find myself almost lost in Him. He has a child-like simplicity that endears all to Him. He made me feel one with Him. The soothing balm he administers, by his pa­tient and simple mode of imparting the Love of the Divine, returns no one unhealed. I used to sit with rapt attention and devotion at his feet, hearing him talk. The very atmosphere around him is Divine and he radiates Bliss. Who wouldn’t come perfectly satisfied from this fountain of Bliss? So many have.
“He is such a Magnetic and Divine personality, and one has only to get His Grace, which is never denied. He has a soft corner for everyone in his large heart.
“May the aura of peace that is around Him soften the trials of all the afflicted in this world.
Diwakar Prakash Singh
Yuvraj Kasmanda
Kasmanda House
December 1937”