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 Shri Nathji always said: “Man could not sit in judgment upon the scheme of God, until the entire scheme was unfolded. He could not judge it simply by perceiving a part of it.”
Here was another of Shri Nathji’s parables on the theme:
A man peeped inside a room through a very small hole in the door. His eyes fell upon a black spot. And that was all that he could see, because his vision was restricted by the hole.
There is a person inside, fair and beautiful! said someone.
All I can see is a black patch. The person inside must be dark! said the man peeping inside.
The door was opened, and within sat a person, fairer than the moon. The spot was a tiny mole on the chin! Through the limit­ed vision from the hole, only the darkness of the mole had been vis­ible. When the entire face was revealed, there was nothing but beauty. Even the mole went to enhance the beauty of the face. Such was the beauty of a complete revelation. Man saw but a part of this Grand Creation and imagined flaws where none existed.
Man tries to seek happiness in the things of the world, said Shri Nathji, but he does not know that he is chasing a mirage. No matter which branch of the tree of life his heart alights upon, the very same branch breaks off.
“Happiness cannot lie in the perishable things of the world. Real happiness lies elsewhere.
“It is only the beauty of God that is reflected in the world. Bereft of it, the world is dead matter. Total fulfilment lies only in God. Everyone desires happiness. Scientists, philosophers, atheists and religionists are running after the same elusive object. They are all, directly or indirectly, moving towards God.