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Once Maharaja Sarila was greatly worried about a legal problem that had far reaching consequences and threatened his position in life. He came running to Shri Nathji’s house. Shri Nathji was upstairs in his bedroom at the time.
Shri Nathji’s servant brought the message to him that the Maharaja wanted to see him very urgently. Shri Nathji laughed and said: “Ask the Maharaja whether it is a prayer or an order!”
However, he came down as quickly as he could get dressed, and met the Maharaja in the verandah of St. Andrews.
The Maharaja’s hands were trembling. The issue was a legal one.
When the Maharaja explained the legal matter to him, Shri Nathji said: Maharaja Sahib, does not the law exist here as well?
Maharaja Sarila said: It does – but your Justice is Mercy! Yahaan kee justice mercy hai!”
Shri Nathji spoke soothingly to the Maharaja for a very long time, reminding him of the earthquake and the palace and his assurance that the palace would not fall. The Maharaja went away greatly at peace.
He returned after some days and met Shri Nathji and said: “I have come to thank you!”
Shri Nathji said:
Why are you thanking me? For resolving the problem? I take no credit for it. If you must thank me, then thank me for those difficult hours when the problem persisted and your heart was kept strong by the power of faith. It is easy to be happy once the problem is over. But faith is that which keeps one happy even during the darkest hours!
Maharaja Sarila would say to Shri Nathji: “Swamiji, if you have any external foes let me know about them – while you can look to our internal foes! Aap ke koyi baahar ke shatru hon to hamen bataayen – aur hamaare andar ke shatruon ko aap dekhen!”