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Maharaja Sarila invited Shri Nathji to his house and Shri Nathji accepted the invitation and went.
While Shri Nathji was there he said to the Maharaja:
“Maharaja Sahib! Your palace is so beautiful. But tell me how will it appear if an earthquake were to rock its foundation?”
“It would appear to be very dreadful,” said the Maharaja.

“Why would it appear dreadful? Its finery and ornamentaion would surround you even then.”

“I would be afraid that it might collapse upon me!”

“But supposing it has not collapsed and there are just the jerks!”

“But a possibility will have been created by the earthquake that the palace might fall.”

“So it is the possibility that would frighten you?”

“Yes,” said the Maharaja.

“But suppose I am also sitting with you inside the palace, and I tell you that though the jerks will come, but the palace will not fall – and you have absolute faith in my words – will you still be afraid of the jerks of the earthquake?”

“No,” said the Maharaja, “phir to jhoolaa jhoolenge! It would then be like swinging on a swing!”

Shri Nathji continued:
“Just like you cannot enjoy the finery of a palace even if it be made of solid gold, if an earthquake is shaking its walls, in a like manner you cannot enjoy material prosperity if your heart is full of restlessness. In order to enjoy material prosperity you must first have peace in your mind. And it is faith that can bring peace to your hearts.”
“Material prosperity is like a decorated room, and peace is like the light that lights up the room. If the room is beautifully decorated but there is no light inside, you will stumble against every object there, and the furniture of the room will become a nightmare. However if there is light, not only will the furnishings appear beautiful, but you will also be able to walk around in their midst and admire them without stumbling and falling.
“Consider a situation where there is only light but no furnishings at all in the room. Would the room not appear absolutely barren and lustreless? Place furniture in the room and the light of the room will become meaningful.
“Thus you need both, the beautiful furnishings as well as the light in which you can enjoy them! This is the secret of life.
“Material objects bring you prosperity while spiritual advancement brings you peace. Life should be a happy combination of both.”