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Those were days of great turmoil in India. The partition of the country had taken place in August 1947, and Hindus and Muslims were killing each other in the thousands. Indeed such carnage had not been seen in the land for centuries.
Shri Nathji’s heart and soul were with the suffering millions, and he was helping them in countless ways without their even being aware of it. Yet there was great sorrow and suffering which made Shri Nathji very sad. His heart was like a soft petal of a flower. It was a heart that broke every time anyone in the world was hurt, as described in the Urdu Verse below which Shri Nathji often said:

Patti ko phool ki lagaa sadmaa naseem kaa
Shabnam ke katre aankh se uski tapak pare

Even as the petal of a flower was buffeted by the wind,
Tears fell from his eyes as dewdrops