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There was a time when Victor was living at Mussoorie with Shri Nathji in the winter. Shri Nathji was awakened in the night by Mannu Lal who was his attendant at the time: Victor has died, said Mannu Lal, “Victor mar gayaa hai!”
He had been ailing for sometime. There was also the possibility of asphyxiation from smoke in his closed room where he had lit coals for warmth. Shri Nathji came running down to his room.
The form of Victor was prostrate and cold. Shri Nathji placed a few drops of water from a spoon into the man’s mouth – and he rose up as if from a sleep. Shri Nathji had brought him back to life. It was one of his miracles, which remained ever veiled from mankind.
You have given me a new life, Victor said, I had died. This is my second birth. I am yours, forever!
Victor had frequently run away from Mussoorie and disappeared for months on end, meeting Shri Nathji in Delhi, later. And Shri Nathji had always forgiven him and re-instated him.
Shri Nathji said: Victor, you have obtained a new life. If you run away now, you will never be able to return here again!
Victor ran away again, and the turn of events in his life took so complicated a course that he was never able to return to his beloved Master again after 1953.
Mateshwari, who had loved him like her own son, kept his chauffeur’s hat in her almirah at her home in Mussoorie for many years afterwards.
Shri Nathji always warned people that there was a hidden streak amongst all men, which tended to take them away from God. If man listened to this voice of Satan he would be taken away from God.
Many devotees of God exhibited such continued weakness and lack of faith that God would become dismayed. Would anyone ever be afraid or tempted if he genuinely believed God was with him? And yet this was the state of mind of many believers, which prompted Shri Nathji to quote the verse:

Kabhi kaabaa roo jo kharraa huaa to haram se aane lagi sadaa
Teraa dil to hai sanam aashanaa tujhe kyaa milegaa namaaz men

As I stood facing the Kaabaa once, I heard a voice from within the ‘haram’ cry,
Thy heart is full of desires of the world, what willst thou gain from prayer?
Shri Nathji also recited another verse on the same theme:

Masjid to banaa daali shab bhar men imaan ke haraarat vaalon ne
Man apnaa puraanaa paapi thhaa barson men namaazi ban naa sakaa

A Mosque was built in a night by the guardians of faith,
But alas, the sin-filled heart could not become a worshipper