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Akola station had arrived.
Dr. Babtiwale looked out at the platform. He saw about ten persons at the station, whom he recognised, carrying garlands. He heaved a sigh of relief. At least someone had come!
Shri Nathji got out of the train. The persons carrying garlands came towards him. Amongst them was Shri W. A. Sohni in whose house Shri Nathji was to stay. Shri Nathji walked towards them, his arms outstretched in a gesture of blessing. It was to be a unique union. The distance was narrowing.
And Shri Nathji’s voice rang out:

Jaise jal jal men miltaa hai, aur surya ki kirnen surya men miltee hain aaj prem prem men mil rahaa hai!

“Like water mingles into water, and the rays of the sun mingle into the Sun – today Love is mingling into Love!      
He continued:

Main aapke liye book knowledge naheen laayaa, main divine touch laayaa hoon!

“I have not brought book knowledge for you. I have brought a Divine Touch!”

It was a beautiful occasion, a beautiful time. The divine effulgence that came from Shri Nathji was indescribable. God had come to Akola.
All the persons gathered there placed their garlands around Shri Nathji’s neck, and Shri Nathji in turn, gave them the garlands of his love.
There were tears in the eyes of all present as if they had found their dearest Loved One in the journey of life.