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Amidst the voices of welcome from the particles of the land, the train carrying Shri Nathji reached Bhusawal station. Here the train had to be changed, a connecting train to Akola had to be boarded.
As Shri Nathji stepped on the platform his physical form began to change. His spiritual radiance began to take on a hue that was already too brilliant. The light was on.
The devotees of Shri Nathji felt this change come over him. It was as if he were making ready for a mighty effulgence yet to manifest itself. Shri Nathji looked at his devotees. The spiritual light was so power­ful that they all prostrated themselves before him on the platform.
It was the Lord coming into his own, striding forth into the world in the full majesty of His Own Glory, about to bring about a mighty revelation in the hearts of men and to write a new chapter in the history of the world.
The connecting train arrived. Shri Nathji boarded the train along with his family and devotees. A telegram had been sent to Akola informing the people of Shri Nathji’s arrival.
Would anyone be present at the station to welcome Shri Nathji? No one knew. Dr. Babtiwale’s heart shrank at the thought of an empty welcome at Akola station. He, who was welcomed by multitudes everywhere, was going towards an unpredictable reception.
The train proceeded towards Akola. And Shri Nathji’s eager­ness increased. He wore the clothes that he usually wore – a turban, an achkan, chooridars, but he was looking unusually beautiful. Mateshwari sat by his side carrying her divine Shakti-Power with her. The two children sat in expectancy. All the devotees had entered Shri Nathji’s compartment to be with him.