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Divine Wrath is spoken of in all the scriptures of the world. It manifested itself in a very gentle manner in Shri Nathji, who was all love form head to foot, and whose anger was yet another manifestation of his love.
Dr. Babtiwale, who visited Shri Nathji at Bombay, got so carried away by the fervour of his devotion that he sat down upon Shri Nathji’s bed and began talking to him as he would talk to a friend!
Shri Nathji had described such a situation in a Persian saying, where the devotee said:
“I became so close to God that I began to address him as my friend and forgot the reverence that was due to Him.”
Shri Nathji had to enact a drama to save the man from his fault. Shri Nathji assumed a countenance of wrath and spoke with some loudness to Babtiwale. The thunder in Shri Nathji’s voice resonated all over the house and made people tremble.  Shri Chordia came rushing over to Shri Nathji and said:
“Prabhu! Kripaa karo! Have Mercy!
And Shri Nathji said: “Kripaa hee to kar rahaa hoon! That is what I am doing!”
Dr. Babtiwale always remembered the wrath of Shri Nathji on that particular day at Bombay, which filled his soul with a peace he had never experienced before in his life. It was as if he had been purged of all sins.
Indeed Shri Nathji had often said:

Gussaa teraa davaa hai raihmat teri ghizaa hai
Shaanen hain jitnee teri jaane jahaaniyaan hain

Thy anger is our medicine, thy Mercy our nourishment,
All Thy glories are for the life of the world