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It was in December 1950 that Dr. Gobind Babtiwale arrived at Malik Nagar and prayed to Shri Nathji to come to Akola. He was a Maharashtrian.
Shri Nathji’s spiritual power was reaching out hundreds of miles across to Maharashtrians with whom he had had no physical contact before.
Dr.Purekar and Bal Ojarkar had travelled out to Lahore to secure the darshan of Shri Nathji from Akola in 1947 and had returned to their home towns to tell people about the advent of God upon earth.
They were all very poor men, Dr. Purekar, Dr. Babtiwale and the schoolteacher, Bal Ojarkar. They had taken photographs of Shri Nathji to Akola along with a few of his books. They tried to tell the people of Maharashtra that God had taken an avatar on earth, and had been born in the North of India. They were convinced of the fact themselves, but convincing others was a different matter.
When Dr. Babtiwale prayed to Shri Nathji to come to Akola, Shri Nathji was very pleased. He had always said that all sincere prayers were answered.
Prabhuji Dr. Babtiwale said, although I am inviting you to Akola, I must tell you that nobody knows of you in that city!
Dr. Babtiwale, Shri Nathji said, why do you wish to take me there? Those of you who know of me have already visited me.
Dr. Babtiwale replied: It matters little whether the people of the town believe in you or not. The faith that I have in you forces me to take you to my home town, to purify it, to fill it with your divine radiance, to grant salvation to its inhabitants. According to the Hindu shastras, the living presence of the avatar can cause the fruits of evil karmas to disappear and be replaced by an awakening of the karmas of righteousness.
He continued: But there is one major problem. My house is much too small to accommodate you and your devotees. Where shall I keep you? We respect and worship you, but no one else will give his house for your stay, because no one there has any faith in you.
Shri Nathji was pleased with the man. His poverty and helplessness attracted Shri Nathji. To outer appearances, there was nothing of interest in the invitation – a small town, Akola, in a faraway region, a population largely indifferent, uncertain arrangements of residence. But, the divine programmes of Shri Nathji had their own attractive features, not dependent upon worldly arrangements.
Most spiritual leaders, and, indeed, men of any importance anywhere, would have hesitated to go on the invitation of a poor man who did not even have adequate accommodation for them; they would never have accepted an invitation without influential men to welcome them and reception committees to shower accolades on them.
But for Shri Nathji these external appearances did not matter. Even the sincere desire of one man, howsoever poor, was enough to move him.
He was like the Sun, which gave of itself to all eyes without distinguishing between the rich and the poor. He had once said:
“Look at the Sun. Every eye that is open can see the entire Sun in its fulness! Similarly every soul that has an intense desire must receive God in all His Glory!”
Babtiwaleji, Shri Nathji said, if it is your earnest de­sire to take me to Akola, then I shall go, if only to make you happy. It matters little if there is no place in your house. There is a place in your heart for me. I can live on the street outside your house! I must give you happiness and not look at your short­comings. Free yourself of all despair. I shall make my arrang­ements myself!
“Main apnaa intazaam khud karoongaa!”
Dr Babtiwale was surprised at this answer. How could Shri Nathji make his own arrangements in a strange place where only three or four people knew him, and the rest did not believe in him?