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Forming the background of Shri Nathji was a large painting of the mountains. Shri Nathji and Mateshwari sat facing the public with this large painting hovering behind their heads.
When photographs of the scene were developed, the waters of a river appeared to gush out from Shri Nathji’s head and rise upwards into the mountains. It was the Ganga appearing mysteriously and suddenly, to rise again from the head of Shiv Shankar Bhola Nath, its Lord and Master.
Those who had sought to see Shri Nathji in the form of Lord Shankar had their wish fulfilled.
When someone asked the devotees of Akola when Shri Nathji would reveal Himself, they immediately said:
The question is meaningless. Shri Nathji has already revealed Himself to Akola! This Rudra Abhishek has been performed to celebrate the event!

“Hamaare saamne to pragat ho chuke hain!”

It was a voice that came from the innermost depths of their souls.