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During the days when Shri Nathji was still in Akola in 1950, visiting the homes of people, he was invited by a certain Smt. Jankibai. Mateshwari and Pran Nath and Priya Nath went along with him.
At the house, the reception appeared cold because of the attitude of Jankibai’s daughter-in-law.
At one point, Mateshwari wanted to leave, but she knew this would hurt the feelings of the old lady, Jankibai. Shri Nathji bestowed his blessings on the family, however, and they left the house.
Several months later, after Shri Nathji had left Akola, Jankibai’s daughter-in-law became ill. The doctors suspected a cancerous growth. An operation was advised.
She was greatly worried and in the midst of her suffering, she thought of Shri Nathji. She had not believed in him at the time he was in their house; she had not shown complete respect as others had done. Her conscience would not forgive her – perhaps she was suffering now for the slight to God.