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Shri Nathji’s Birthday came on the 23rd of June 1950. The invitations cards carried the name Savitri Nivas for the first time. It was yet another occasion for Shri Nathji to spread his divine grace to the whole world. Amongst the numerous letters of congratulations that Shri Nathji received for the birthday there was one by an old devotee Dwarka Singh. In the letter Dwarka Singh pleaded for the world, which was becoming rife with Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs:

“O Divine One!
The world today needs thy message of peace urgently. Atom Bombs and Hydrogen Bombs have come into existence which can destroy the whole world. It is time for thy Shaanti Bomb- bomb of Peace- to make its presence felt.
I was present on that day when you founded the Divine Love Society in Mussoorie over twenty years ago. It is only your message of Love, Faith and Service that can save the world.
O My Lord and Master! All you have to do is to press a button and there will be peace in the world!
My Lord I pray for the deliverance of all bound by Maya.
May all taste of Thy Divine Nectar.
I have no words with which to thank you for sending me the invitation card. By writing my name on the Birthday Card you have given me a new life!
Yours truly,
Dwarka Singh”

There was also a letter from the famed Sir Gokul Chand of Lahore who was in Mussoorie at the time and who thanked Shri Nathji for his kind invitation, and said he would attend the lecture at the Majestic Cinema Hall on the 22nd of June. He had been present on Shri Nathji’s wedding in Lahore on the 7th of May 1939. It was a coincidence that he happened to be in Mussoorie in June 1950.
Maharaja Sarila who happened to be out of station wrote to Shri Nathji:
“I am indeed very happy that you have changed the name of your house from St. Andrews to Savitri Nivas; however if I had any say in the matter, then I would have suggested calling it Gyaan Mandir–The Temple of Knowledge!”
Maharaja Sarila was always amazed at Shri Nathji’s unending storehouse of spiritual knowledge and would say to Shri Nathji: “Swamiji, you are an ocean! Aap to saagar hain!”
The house was charged with a new divine vibration on this June. It was now truly the abode of the Lord. It had been waiting for decades for this name to be given to it so that it could come into its own. It had now found its soul – Mateshwari.
On June 23, 1950 Shri Nathji compensated for the loss of time. He sent his divine blessings to all corners of the world, purifying, enlightening and helping humanity in a countless number of ways without making his presence felt.
He wanted no recognition from anyone, and was content to do his work giving a new life to humanity each and every moment. He was like the air, which was present in an invisible form in all corners of the Universe, and also especially present in an empty glass, which was the outer shell of his human body.