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Mateshwari was very distressed that she had been the cause of taking Shri Nathji out of Bombay so suddenly and so tragically, and separating him from his devotees. She was greatly saddened at the betrayal of the devotees and at the same time, she blamed herself for all the ills that had befallen Shri Nathji, and, at one point along the journey, even became so emotional so as to rush towards the door of the moving train, – but for Shri Nathji who stood between her and the door. It was one of the most moving scenes in Shri Nathji’s life.
The betrayal of the devotees and the subsequent trouble to Shri Nathji had shocked Mateshwari beyond endurance. She had seen the same thing happen at Dehra Dun where Shri Nathji had been betrayed by Prem Nath and had to leave his own house.