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Shri Ram Lal of Akola was with Shri Nathji at Bombay quite frequently. He, and other devotees of Akola would travel the distance for Shri Nathji’s darshan at Bombay for the time Shri Nathji was there.
Shri Ram Lal said:
Prabhuji, a strange miracle has occurred in Akola. Ever since you left, we have been seeing you in the house in which you lived. Shri Sohniji swears that you eat in his house, and I can swear that you wash your hands in mine!
“All the devotees are experiencing unusual things in their lives. Wherever there is illness or suffering, your devotees rush to the place armed with the faith you have given them, and carrying your photograph with them. No sooner than they sit together and invoke your blessings, the trouble is gone!