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Amongst the people, there was a certain Shri Ram Lal Agarwal, who had been a strong critic of Shri Nathji. Later, he was to proclaim:
When Shri Nathji got out of the train, we did not see him in his physical form – we saw him in the full effulgence of His Universal Self, His Divine Form. It was a sight that was to drown our existences forever in the Ocean of His Love.”
Who was He – this strange Being that had come to Akola? What softness, what beauty, what unmatched love and humility, what divine brilliance He carried with Him!
Of what avail philosophy and intellect before such a being! The invisible had appeared in the form of the visible. The unlimited had appeared in the form of the limited.
In Shri Nathji’s words:

Har juz men mujhe kul kaa tamaashaa nazar aayaa,
Katraa liye paihlu men dariyaa nazar aayaa

In a little part, I saw the drama of the whole,
Within the embrace of the drop, I saw the ocean.

The Union was not that of physical forms. It was a union of souls. Each recognised the other; one merged into the other. The waves of the ocean arose on the ocean, danced upon its surface and then disappeared into its depths. An absolute peace descended upon the heart.
Opposition, suspicion, fear had no place left to reside. A rain of divine love began to fall everywhere. It brought with it an intoxication and a joy, which ended the separation of the ages. Only those who experienced the bliss could describe it. It was the interaction of the Universal Soul with the human soul.