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Shri Nathji arrived in Delhi in the third week of March 1951. He stayed with the Bhutts for a while and then proceeded to Mussoorie where the children’school had opened.
Bhutt was greatly distressed to learn of the revolt of Sukhdev and more so of the betrayal of Ram Lal. He said: The man has sinned greatly! Prabhuji uss ne barraa paap kiyaa!”
Apparently, Shri Ram Lal did not wish to divert his funds from his flourishing business; he was dissuaded by some of his friends and acquaintances from re­turning to Bombay to fulfil the promise he had made. He put the blame on Sohni, but Sohni’s letters to Shri Nathji showed he had no idea what had happened.
The lure of the material world was so powerful that, at times, it made one forget one’s duties towards God. Had Shri Nathji lived in the flat he had proposed to buy at Bombay, he would only have eased the sorrows of a suffering mankind. More and more people would have benefited from his presence there.