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When Shri Nathji was leaving Akola after a thirteen-day stay in the city, he told a tearful city:
I do not know whether I shall come again. But I am leaving behind a seed in Akola. I hope to see this flourish as a tree! No matter where I may be, I shall be with you in my real, invisible self; my blessings shall remain with you, and you shall continue to see me even when I am far away from you. I have been in your city for thirteen days. Thirteen, in Hindi is Teraa – meaning ‘yours’. In truth, “ Main teraa hoon! I am yours!”
The devotees of Akola said to Shri Nathji: It is our good fortune that you have come to hold our hand; Mateshwari bestowed her grace upon us as well. Meeting you has set our life in the right direction!
In the words of Dr. Babtiwale’s song:

Jab se Bhole tum mile ho
Raaste lagi hai zindagi

O Bhole, since the time you met us
Our lives have found a direction.