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To the chanting of the pandits, Shri Nathji’s feet were anointed with a mixture of milk, honey and water. Shri Nathji removed his socks but reluctantly.
Shri Nathji’s feet were forever a mystery to his devotees, since he would seldom uncover them, and always wore socks. It was a habit he had inculcated since childhood.
His feet were dazzlingly white, like marble, and beautifully shaped. Such feet could only have belonged to God. The soles of his feet were soft and had never touched the earth before. These were feet not meant to touch the ground. Their place was within the hearts of men.
In the past, many a time, people had travelled large distances to secure the Charanaamrit of Shri Nathji – water made holy by the touch of his feet. But Shri Nathji had never removed the socks from his feet.
Mahatma Sita Ram Saran had to content himself with anointing the feet – socks and all! The Charanaamrit of Shri Nathji was more sacred to his devotees than even the waters of the Ganges.
The devotees at Akola had the unique privilege of looking upon his bare feet, and securing Charanaamrit, made holy by the contact. Perhaps this baring of his Feet in public was a symbolic gesture of Shri Nathji unveiling His Real Divine Form in Akola.
It was as if the heavens themselves had descended to the earth. There was a divine happiness in the atmosphere, an ecstasy, a bliss from another world.
The Abhishek was a mighty spiritual rite, a powerful worship of God. It was a small homage from the people of the earth to the avatar.
Mateshwari appeared radiant with a light divine, as she sat close to Shri Nathji on the raised platform. Pran Nath and Priya Nath sat on either side of Shri Nathji and Mateshwari on the platform.