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Shri Nathji said to them:
Friends! Why are you coming here in such large numbers? There is no doctor here, nor a Vaid.
“Shri Narayan Lal was cured by God, because he had absolute faith.
“You too, must have a similar faith in God, and the impossible shall become possible.
“Stand at the door of God and go on knocking till it opens.
“Sometimes, suffering is for the good of man, the more so, when it is difficult to remove, when all of man’s efforts fail and medical science is helpless.
“Then, and only then, does he turn to God, and knocks at His door. If such suffering had not come, he would never have sought the door of God.

Mere oopar lagzishepaa kaa bahut aihsaan hai
Varnaa haath aanaa bahut dushvaar thhaa baazue dost

I am grateful to this slippery ground
For it made Him come and hold my hand!

“If man had not fallen, God would not have come to raise him. That suffering, which takes a man to God, is no less than the greatest of joys. And in that final union, all sorrows and sufferings end forever.”
It was thus that Shri Nathji consoled the suffering and sent them back to their homes, hiding himself in the process. Shri Nathji never gave himself any credit for any of the miracles that he performed, nor did he ever relegate any greatness to himself.
The situation was described by him in his Urdu verse:

Kis kadar ai mai tujhe rasme hijaab aayi pasand
Pardaye angoor se niklee to meenaaon men thhee

O thou divine intoxication! How thou dost love concealment!
Emerging from the veil of grapes thou didst hide within the bottles.

“When God was alone, all by Himself, he was incomprehensible. And when God created the visible Universe, He hid behind its veil,” Shri Nathji would often say. His favourite verse on this theme was:

Behijaabi ye ke har zarre men jalvaa aashkaar
Aur pardaa yeh ke soorat aaj tak dekhi naheen.

Thou art so unveiled that every atom speaks of thy Glory,
And yet thou art so veiled that no one has ever seen thy Face!