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While Dr. Babtiwale was still confused, a telegram arrived from Akola. It was from a senior advocate there, W. A. Sohni.
In the telegram he had offered his house for Shri Nathji’s residence!
Dr. Babtiwale knew the man. He was amongst those who did not believe in Shri Nathji. He had a Master’s Degree in Philosophy, and was a leading lawyer of the town. He had read Shri Nathji’s book ‘Atma Vijay Part I’ critically and it had raised a host of questions in him. He had been criticising Shri Nathji’s philosophy with all the intellectual knowledge at his disposal. His invitation was nothing short of a miracle!
Prabhuji, Dr. Babtiwale said, as he showed the telegram to Shri Nathji, you have begun to make your own arrangements in Akola, I can see. But this man is antagonistic towards you. It surprises me that he has offered his house to you!

He is a lawyer, Shri Nathji said, laughingly, it is very likely that he wishes to call me to his house in order to quarrel with me at close quarters.

“Vakeel hai, ghar bulaakar larregaa!

“Still, it is a measure of his generosity that he has offered his house to me even though he does not like me. Unless two persons come together, they can neither quarrel nor unite.