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A sermon was arranged in the Bar-Room of Akola. All the men of law – the judges, lawyers, and their friends and relatives attended the court that day to hear Shri Nathji’s words.
A candle must burn, said Shri Nathji, you may take it where you will!
A large decorated Singhaasan, a throne-like chair was kept for Shri Nathji. The hall was packed to capacity. Mr.Bhutt smiled and said:
All formalities appear to have been broken today!” he said, “Prabhuji, aaj kul formalities toot gayeen!”
And Shri Nathji replied: An older order must give way to a new one!

Shri Nathji sat down on the chair. And Mr. Thumre, the President of the bar, brought a garland of flowers. Before placing the garland around Shri Nathji’s neck, Shri Thumre said:
This garland is not an offering of respect. Respect is reserved only for our superi­ors. This garland is not an offering of reverence either, for reverence is reserved for pandits and priests. This garland is not an offering of honour either, for that is meant for our honourable judges. This garland is an offering of worship! Ye worship ka haar hai! Because only worship can be offered to God!
And saying this, he placed the garland around Shri Nathji’s neck amidst sustained applause.
Shri Thumre then narrated his own experience. He had seen people worshipping Shri Nathji as God and curiosity had drawn him closer to Shri Nathji. He said:
After I had gone to see Shri Nathji several times, I became convinced of the fact that truly the reflection of God resided within him. I also sensed that Shri Nathji had a vast and powerful message the intellect could not refute. And it was a message that brought salvation to man.
And then Shri Nathji began his sermon:
Shri Thumreji has placed this garland around my neck for which I am grateful. But, unfortunately, I have not brought any garlands with me which I could give you in return. I have but one thing to say, however: Thumreji has placed this garland around my neck in homage to the reflection of God he saw within me, and I offer the garland of my love in homage to the reflection of God I see within Shri Thumre and within you all!
And Shri Nathji continued:
I have come to write a new law in your law books – and that is the Law of Divine Love! If I say that I have the truth, it will be taken as pride. If I say I have nothing, I will be misleading you. What must I do then? I must be like the jeweller, then, who has diamonds in his store and puts up a board outside to that effect. Surely this information he gives to the public will not be construed as pride! He will simply be leading people to the diamonds. Otherwise no one would know where to look for them.
Shri Nathji’s sermon that day was long and powerful. His words were entering the hearts of all present, and all appeared to be accepting them.
In the end, he said:
If you like my words and my mission in life, then I ask you to join me on the path that I have chosen. But if there are principles other than mine which you prefer, then tell me of them so that I might try to understand them!
Shri Nathji’s words captured the hearts of all. There was not a trace of pride in them. It was a simple theme:
Either you walk with me, or I will walk with you.
Shri Nathji added:
I have not come to be called great. I have not come to be worshipped! I have come to give myself to you, so that all of us together can efface the sorrow of this world for all time to come.
Shri Thumre got up to give the presidential speech in ending, and said:
Shri Nathji –there is only one thing that we would like to say to you. We thank you for accepting our invitation and taking the trouble of coming here and speaking to us.
“You have shown us the path of Truth, and have given us to drink of the Nectar of Life – Amrit.
“You have asked us to accept you if we have liked your principles. In answer to that, let me say that any person in the world–no matter in which corner he may be–who has accepted Truth, has accepted you, and is always with you!
Shri Nathji was greatly pleased with the reply and returned to his residence.
Once he said to his devotees:
You say I am like an ocean. But let me ask you–what will become of the ocean if all the drops of water leave it?
“The ocean is merely a collection of all the drops of water that go to make it! My existence rests upon the indi­vidual existences of you all!
The gathering was impressed by Shri Nathji’s humility and his absolute lack of pride, and the greatness that he saw in everyone.