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In 1950 itself, Sukhdev Vats of Bombay had begun pressing Shri Nathji to grace Bombay again. He had been distressed when he learnt that Shri Nathji had gone to Calcutta from Delhi, and he wrote: “If I had known you were going to Calcutta I would have asked Advani to send his planes to Calcutta to bring you to Bombay!”
He addressed Shri Nathji thus:

“Huzoor Aalaa! Sarkaar Anvar! O Thou Supreme of all! Thou the Lord of Light!
Thou art in the body but are All Powerful!
Thou can take any work from anyone by a single wish of Thine.
Thou saved Gaj from the Graiha,
Thou lifted Mount Gobardhan with Thy finger
Thou ate the rice of Sudama as Krishna and gave him a golden palace.
Thou revealed Thyself as the Lord God in the Mahabharata
Whatever Thou dost do is Thy Will!”

Shri Nathji used to quote the Sikh writings wherein it was written:      

Aap sat keeyaa sab sat
Aape jaane apni mitgat

Thou art Truth and whatever Thou dost is Truth itself,
Only Thou dost know the working of Thy Will!

The devotees of Shri Nathji never doubted any of his activities because they knew that he was Truth personified and whatever he did was Truth and only he knew why he did it.
Any other spiritual leader in the position of Shri Nathji, who was revered as God by multitudes, would have preferred to live in a secure atmosphere in an ashram surrounded by an army of devotees, and venture out into the public only with scores of devotees around him. He would never have condescended to come down to the level of worldly interaction and mingle with the people of the streets. It was something that only Shri Nathji could do. He was the highest of the high and yet played with the particles of dust upon earth.
He had said:

Khaake pasti se daaman teraa hamdam naheen
Ye barraayi kaa nishaan nayyare aazam naheen

If thou cannot embrace the particles of dust beneath thee
O Thou highest of the high! This is not a sign of thy greatness.

“If the light of the sun rests only upon your heads but does not reach the particles of dust on the earth, then such a light is bound to be incomplete.”