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As the years went by, a new phase of life dawned upon Shri Ram Lal; the lamp of his faith became stronger and stronger. The name of Shri Nathji gave him insuperable strength to overcome all his sufferings.
He wrote the following words and sent them to Shri Nathji in a beautiful covering:

Bhola Nath darshanam punyam
Paad sparshanam paap naashanam
Bhaashan shravane moksh muktinche
Aalingane svarga labhyate
To look upon Bhola Nath is to acquire virtue,
To touch his feet is to annihilate sin,
To listen to his voice is to attain salvation.
To feel his touch is to find Heaven.

Almost twenty years after Shri Nathji had visited Akola, Shri Ram Lal paid the greatest homage he could have paid to his Lord and Master, Shri Nathji, – he donated a piece of land for the construction of a Bhola Nath