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As time progressed, the plans for a taxi came under a cloud. The permit sanctioned by the authorities did not allow the car to be run on the hill road between Mussoorie and Dehra Dun. This was the area where maximum business was possible. Instead the car was allowed in the plains only. The authorities permitted only heavier cars with a greater horsepower, like the Ford and Chevrolet cars, to be run as taxis on the hill road during those days.
Secondly, the flightiness of Victor’s character came to the fore. He drove the car for a few days as a taxi, and then, suddenly, disappeared from the scene! He had been accustomed to doing this since long. It was a great setback for Shri Nathji who had begun the taxi business only because of the insistence of Victor. Another man in Shri Nathji’s place would have given up the venture altogether. But not so Shri Nathji. He had become accustomed to fighting the odds in life. He had to find another driver, and, as always, he was successful. The driver’s name was Jabbar Singh.