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Shri Nathji often told the parable of the fly which flew towards the nectar of life, but stopped in the way to lick honey.
I can always go towards the Nectar later,
it said to itself, let me enjoy the honey first!
It became so absorbed in the honey that by the time it sought to go towards the Nectar the Nectar had vanished.
Such, indeed, was the state of the man who walked towards God, but who fell a prey to the temptations of the world, wrongly believing that real happiness lay in them.
Shri Nathji recalled Ram Krishna Dalmia a renowned industrialist of India telling him:
Only those moments in life which are spent in the remembrance of God bring any peace to the mind. For the rest, the world is only a living hell.

“Jo khshann zindagi ke Bhagwan ki yaad men nikal jaayen, bas utnaa hi sukh hai, baaki to ye duniyaa nark hi nark hai!”

The pursuit of wealth definitely did not bring contentment and peace within the soul, as was evident from the words of a man who had spent his life acquiring the riches of the world.