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Shri Nathji was already burdened with the Standard Car and purchasing another car was an unthinkable proposition. However in one of his trips to Dehra Dun he met his old admirer, Rai Bahadur Ugra Sen, who mentioned a Ford car, which his brother Dr. A.C. Sen was trying to sell through the British Motor Car Company at Delhi. Shri Nathji was advised to buy the car and to run it as a taxi on the hill road so that it would help recover all the previous losses, and in addition prove lucrative. Even the Bhutts had thought of the proposition as being beneficial at the time.
And so August 1950 saw Shri Nathji in Delhi, along with Sri Krishen Khanna, at the office of the British Motor Car Company at Connaught Circus, finalising the purchase of a second-hand American Ford V8 car, which had been manufactured in 1946. The purchase price of the car was Rs.7500.
Shri Nathji had taken a loan of Rs.2000 from Lila Ram Sons of Mussoorie for the car and had agreed to pay the remaining Rs. 5000 in monthly instalments of Rs. 379 each. Once again the same Instalment Company had extended credit to Shri Nathji which had previously financed the Standard car, with the Kasera brothers and Bhutt as sureties. This time Sri Krishen Khanna stood surety along with Shri Nathji.
At the time when Shri Nathji had purchased the Ford Car, his bank balance at the Allahabad Bank at Mussoorie was an incredible rupees three and annas four only! Only Shri Nathji was capable of such superhuman business transactions.
As Shri Nathji came to Delhi in August 1950 for the purchase of the car, he gave his darshan and blessings to several people. Amongst these was a certain Shri Bagai a relative of Barrister Sawan Singh, an old admirer of Shri Nathji.
They never forgot the few moments they were granted of Shri Nathji’s darshan at the time. His divine light had been so great that it robbed them of all their sorrows and sufferings and gave them a new lease of life.
And yet while meeting these rich persons Shri Nathji did not even once mention the car problem or ask them for any help. Instead, he preferred the loan he had taken at Mussoorie. This was Shri Nathji’s greatness, not taking help from the affluent, while passing through numerous hardships and travails to give his darshan and blessings to a thirsting humanity.
Sri Krishen Khanna sent a telegram to Mateshwari at Mussoorie, addressing it to Pran Nath and Priya Nath: “New Car purchased”. The children were delighted. They knew that their father was capable of even bringing down the sun and the moon from the skies if called upon to do so. They believed he was bringing another car for them to play with. And the two boys divided the cars between themselves–Pran Nath “taking over” the Standard and Priya Nath “taking over” the Ford.