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In Bombay, a large number of Muslims began to come for Shri Nathji’s darshan. Amongst them was a Maulvi who frequently boasted:
I shall never bow before anyone except Khudaa-God! Sivaaye Khudaa ke main kissee ko sajdaa naheen karoongaa!”
His friends were surprised to find him bowing before Shri Nathji. When they reminded him of his resolve he said:
I am bowing before Khudaa! In Shri Nathji there is no Khudee- no self, and where there is no Khudee there must be Khudaa!
At a session of Qawwaali at the flat, the Maulvi got up and began dancing, and then fell to the ground in a spiritual ecstasy. He dashed his forehead on the wooden sandals that Shri Nathji wore. Blood began to ooze out of the cut, and the Maulvi took the blood on his finger and applied it to Shri Nathji’s forehead! He had outdone the Hindu devotees of Shri Nathji who had used only the vermilion for tilak on Shri Nathji’s forehead.
He raised his hands upwards towards Shri Nathji and Mateshwari and said: I have bartered away my beliefs to purchase the devotion of Sita Ram!

Dil daadamo, Jaan daadamo, Eemaan daadam
Sood ast digar sood nami daanam cheesth

I have given up my heart, my life and my faith,
This is my only gain, I know of no other.

Meraa sar ho aur tere dar pe jabeen saayi na ho
To phir kahaan ho?

If this head be mine, and not fall at thy door,
Where else shall it lie?